Do you need to downsize your home in order to upsize your life?

Downscaling can represent the start of a new life in a new home; a change is as good as a rest! Many of us so called baby boomers have spent our lives accumulating possessions the biggest of which is likely to be the property we currently live in. Data by Rightmove has revealed that the grey pound is driving today’s property market in the UK. Downsizing is the number one reason for selling in nine out of ten regions in the UK. Downsizers are moving for a better lifestyle and, in particular for those planning their retirement, accommodation that best suits their needs in later life. Three-quarters of people aged 60 and over own their own home, whereas less than a third of those aged 25 to 34 do, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Just the thought of packing up a much-loved home can seem overwhelming and moving house is up there on the list of one our most stressful experiences. It’s likely to be an especially emotional experience if it is coupled with retirement, ill health or relationship breakdown. Clearing and sorting through a lifetime’s possessions can have quite an emotional impact. The process of emptying out your home could evoke memories that may or may not be welcome. Moving to a smaller property can have many benefits perhaps the most obvious being the lessening of some of the stress of cleaning, general maintenance and upkeep. Downsizing your home can be the first step to a minimalist lifestyle. Reducing the amount of daily tasks could free up your time for more beneficial and enjoyable activities. Having less upkeep to attend to may also allow you more time to travel if you are fortunate enough to have the available funds. The saving in energy costs could well go towards such endeavours.

It’s sometimes difficult to justify buying new furniture when our current furniture is perfectly functional if somewhat tired. Perhaps this is a golden opportunity to splash out and choose a few new vibrant pieces of furniture. Whatever your reasons are for moving you are likely to experience a whole range of emotions in the process. Change is inevitable and although it can be scary it can also be empowering for those that are able embrace it.